Monday, July 5, 2010

Love That Strips All Hindrances

"I think this is a difficult truth to grasp, but God loves you enough to strip you of anything that keeps you from him.  And often these things that separate are not bad in and of themselves.  Often, in fact, they're good things - relationships, missions, jobs.  But if for some reason they are keeping us from knowing God as we should, he may take them out of our lives."

              - Pete Wilson, Plan B, Page 107

"...I must relinquish what I cling to for identity!  I must let go of that which holds me back from intimacy with and worship of God.  This could be work or religion or certain god given gifts.  It could be expectations or dreams, or it could be addictions.  Maybe it's control or the desperate need for approval."

              - Page 108