Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Nowism of Grace

 All believers know (or should know) what the Gospel means in terms of eternal destiny.  Most evangelical Christians could describe their hope of eternity with their Savior.  But what does the Gospel mean for now?

Paul Tripp gives his answer at The Nowism of the Gospel :: Desiring God, explaining four aspects of the “nowism” of the gospel and what grace will do to you:
  1. Grace will decimate what you think of you, while it gives you a security of identity you’ve never had.
  2. Grace will expose your deepest sins of heart, while it covers every failure with the blood of Jesus.
  3. Grace will make you face how weak you are, while it blesses you with power beyond you ability to calculate.
  4. Grace will take control out of your hands, while it blesses you with the care of One who plan is unshakable and perfect in every way.
Read the whole thing - this one is really worth it!

Hat Tip to Justin Taylor