Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holy Spirit Baptism Better Than Sex?!

Our congregation has a communion and baptism service on the first Sunday night of each month. Prior to the service, there is always a prayer time with those to be baptized for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit,

Last Sunday we baptized a resident of the drug and alcohol home of which I am a board member. Monday he went to see the director of the ministry and told her what his experience was like. She said:

"_______ came to my office yesterday to share his back room experience with the Holy Spirit. He said it was amazing and awesome and couldn't describe it. Then he went on to say it was better than any “high” he ever got from drugs of any kind (same thing many of our guys have said before). But the kicker was this. He said it was even better than “SEX”!!!!"

Never heard the filling with the Holy Spirit described like that before!