Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Gift of Teaching: Do I Have It?

Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll have been posting a series at The Resurgence website on spiritual gifts. Here is what they said about the spiritual gift of teaching, and how to tell if you have the gift. - Spiritual Gifts: Teaching:

Do You Have This Gift?

  • Do you enjoy studying and researching?
  • Do you enjoy imparting biblical truth to others?
  • Do others come to you for insight into Scripture?
  • When you teach, do people "get it"?
  • When you see someone confused in their understanding of the Bible do you feel a responsibility to speak to them about it?
  • Do you enjoy speaking to various sizes of groups about biblical issues you have strong convictions about?
So, a question to all my friends out there in blogger and facebook cyberspace: What do you think? Do I have it?