Monday, October 19, 2015

That Nasty F-Word: Forgive

The Christian F-Word by Jerry Jeter (Not what you think)
There is no relationship between the "F" word the world uses and the "F" word a Christian uses. Jesus would not have used vulgar language. Followers of Christ should not use vulgar language. We're called to take up our cross and follow Jesus daily. We are to live the way Jesus lived.
Jesus spoke the "F" word I'm thinking of. Christians should like the word. Yet, there are some who choose to avoid it. If a Christian avoids this "F" word, they are not speaking the language Jesus told us to speak. So, why do some avoid it? Because it is hard to FORGIVE.
That's it. Forgive. Forgiveness. Forgave. That's what I'm talking about. Jesus forgave us. He spoke the word many times, but one of the more magnificent ways He used this word was when He was being nailed to the cross. He said, "Father, FORGIVE them for they know not what they do." We don't like to forgive people who hurt us. Jesus forgave the people who nailed Him to the cross while they were in the act of hurting Him. He didn't even wait for them to ask for forgiveness.
Are you waiting for somebody to ask you to forgive them? It could happen. However, it might not happen. They might not know they hurt you. They might be justifying their actions. Or, it's possible they truly thought whatever they did to hurt you was "for your own good." Who knows? You don't have to wait for somebody to ask you to forgive them. You can forgive before being asked.
I'm glad Jesus forgave me. His nails should have been mine. He took the nails for me, for my sin... and for yours. Even though we are the cause of His pain, Jesus forgives us.

Holding a grudge doesn't help anybody. It hurts the person who holds it far more than it hurts the person the grudge is being held against. Forgiveness is a new beginning for the one who was wronged.

I FORGIVE you might be hard to say, but it will bring peace to the life of the one who speaks it.