Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Theology

How's your Theology this fine Monday morning? Check out Theology Is For Mondays by R. J. Grunewald:
Theology is primarily seen as the activity of professors and pastors, and occasionally a world that is entered into by normal people on Sunday mornings. But theology isn’t primarily an academic exercise and theology isn’t primarily about Sunday mornings. Good theology matters on Monday morning.
Your theology, whether you even realize it or not, shapes what happens in your daily life not just in your “spiritual” activities. Theology shapes the way we live out our faith in our careers, in our families, and even in our communities. The way we understand the grace of God shapes the identity we have which in turn also shapes the way we see and treat others. The way we understand God’s calling shapes the way we do our work and the way we understand the roles we play in the various spheres of life.

If your theology doesn’t impact your normal, ordinary, everyday life – it might be time to abandon your theology.
When we think of theology, we tend to quickly enter into the realm of dead guys and long words and things that are hard to comprehend. And while those things have a place and are even enjoyed by nerds like myself, theology is much more simply the study of God. Which means that whether you consider yourself one or not, you are a theologian.
I love how R.C. Spiral said it:

“No Christian can avoid theology. Every Christian is a theologian. Perhaps not a theologian in the technical or professional sense, but a theologian nevertheless. The issue for Christians is not whether we are going to be theologians but whether we are going to be good theologians or bad ones.”
So what does a theology for Monday mornings look like?...
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