Sunday, August 18, 2013

Understanding Worship

From Ron Edmondson on "10 Signs You May Not Understand Worship":
  1. The volume or tempo of the music determines whether you think it’s a worship song. 
  2. A slight change in the order of the service makes you think they’ve harmed “worship”.
  3. You think raising hands or not raising hands determines the depth of a person’s worship.
  4. You believe the “proper” length of a “worship” service is dictated by your lunch schedule.
  5. You think worship has to be in a service or part of a programmed event.
  6. Certain instruments keep you from thinking worship is possible.
  7. You think worship is confined to a certain place or a certain time.
  8. The clothes you wear determines the quality of worship…for you AND others.
  9. You think worship always involves music.
  10. Your attempt to worship has more to do with a personal preference than the subject of worship.
If any of these describe you, then you might need a refresher study of what it means to worship God.