Friday, August 2, 2013

More Than A Rulebook

Excerpted From Tullian Tchvidjian at Liberate:
...the Bible is not a rulebook or a handbook for daily living. The Bible is the revelation of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the goal of the Bible is not teach you how to live your life, it’s to teach you about Jesus.
...Christ did live a perfect and sinless life. And we are indeed supposed be following his example. But God knows we can’t, and won’t. Those who treat the Bible as an instruction manual will find themselves constantly failing to follow the instructions. And so, the Bible culminates in this message: we, who are sinners, are invited to feast. The Christ who is the Word of God has put away all other words. He now stands alone, the fullness of our life––our source and our sustenance. And he invites us to come, not to a set of rules for daily living––but to come as we are, and rest.