Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Sugar of the Earth

This "lost parable" is not quite the way I remember Matthew 5:13, but what do I know?
And Jesus spoke to them and said,
“You are the powdered sugar of the earth. As sugar is sprinkled on cakes and cookies to make them attractive and exceedingly sweet, so you shall make my church the most delightful confection the world has known. For the children of this world have an insatiable sweet tooth, and you shall satisfy those who hunger and thirst for empty calories.
“You shall sprinkle sugar on my words so that every bitter morsel is disguised beyond recognition.
“You shall fill your gatherings with nectarous delights, amusements that thrill the crowds, so that all who participate may leave energized by the sugar-high of my Spirit.
“You shall make your church program a veritable display window of sugary treats, so that all who pass by may salivate and be drawn to purchase your pleasures and be satisfied.
“Do not ever let your sugar lose its sweetness. for then your neighbors will see the true taste and texture of your lives — the salty and the sweet, the bitter and the bland — this mixture you deem so unpalatable.
“And what will attract them then?”
Maybe I'd better go back and re-read the original.