Friday, March 23, 2012

Loving Your Enemies - A True Story

This is how to do it! Did you hear about the Texas Atheist "flabbergasted" by an outpouring of Christian Charity?
The Story: According to the Athens Review, an atheist who had threatened to sue a Texas county over the display of a nativity scene says he is "completely flabbergasted" that Christians from that same county provided him financial assistance for a medical problem.
 "My wife and I had never had a Christian do anything nice for us," said Patrick Greene. "Just the opposite."

The Background: Last month Greene, an activist with a long history of bringing lawsuits related to public displays of Christian imagery, threatened to sue Henderson County if county official allowed a nativity scene to be placed on the courthouse lawn next Christmas. Greene had intended to represent himself in the lawsuit, but dropped the threat when he discovered he had a detached retina and may lose his sight.

"There is no way for me to go up there if I'm blind," said Greene, who lives in San Antonio, nearly 300 miles from the Henderson County courthouse. Greene said he has no insurance to pay for an operation that might save his sight, and can't even pay for the exam that will confirm the diagnosis. "Why waste the money if I can't do anything about it," he told the local newspapers.

When Jessica Cry, a member of Sand Springs Baptist Church in Athens, read on the Internet about Greene's troubles, she felt compelled to help. Cry told her pastor, Rev. Eric Graham, who contacted Greene and inquired about how his church could help with the surgery.

Greene told Graham he had a more immediate need.....
 Read it all at the link. Perhaps there would be more Christian victories in the "culture wars" if more Christians acted like Christians.