Friday, March 16, 2012

The Journey Requires Multiple Decisions

There is a difference between "accepting" Jesus and "following" Jesus.
The concept of following evokes rich imagery—journey, process, adventure, and dependence. Accepting sounds like Jesus is put on our scales, and we decide his fate, like he is campaigning for our vote as he runs for Messiah. To accept Jesus does not call one to live as a disciple; it merely calls one to make a decision. Following calls for a series of decisions being made by the minute, keeping Jesus the focal point, refusing to look to the right or the left, increasing in likeness to his character and in closeness to his person.

- Bill Clem, Disciple: Getting Your Identity from Jesus
Hat Tip: Christians in Context 

This is a good book that I am part way through reading (along with so many other books!) Plus, as the "Journeyman" I am, of course, always interested in quotes describing following Jesus as a journey, because it is!