Friday, July 8, 2011

Affecting Lives

Found a new little blog site called Affecting Lives.  Their stated purpose is :
AffectingLives is a multimedia blog aimed at helping people with their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Whether you are a mature Christian, new believer, or investigating Christianity, this blog will provide value to your spiritual journey.  Our goal is to provide information in a variety of different formats to keep you inspired, impacted, and informed.  We at AffectingLives believe strongly in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and we keep this as our central focus when creating content.

The word affect literally means to influence.  That is our goal… to influence people to surrender their lives fully to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
And lo and behold, one of the first posts there was by an old friend of my daughter's (and my friend too),
LauraKatherine Logan, who moved off to California a few years ago.LK says:
A reasonable person doesn’t call a plumber on the phone and knowing that a pipe has ruptured in the basement, simply mentions that there is a faucet that leaks in the bathroom. When something in our house is need of repairs, we call an expert. We expect them to fix it completely. And if they don’t, we expect them to come back until it’s fixed. Well God is the ultimate repair man but He’s also a gentleman. He’s not going to bust down your door to make you seek His help. Often times He allows us to let water fill our basements to the point of drowning, in order for us to finally ask Him for help. And when and if we finally do express to Him how bad it really is, and how bad we really feel inside, each and every time He will meet us with toolbox in tow and arms wide open.

God knows where we’re broken. He knows the pain we’ve gone through and the pain we never want to go through again. And He has a solution for all of them. The only requirement is that we run towards Him and not away from Him. And even in that we don’t have to be perfect. We just have to try to be near Him and He will meet us the rest of the way every single time.
Laura Katherine is a gifted writer, as demonstrated on her own blog. Good job, Sister!