Saturday, July 16, 2011

$100, One Penny at a Time

"Most of us think of dying to ourselves as this one big moment where we hand over our 100-dollar bill.  I don't want to take away from that moment. That moment of salvation is the most important moment of your life.  But to see following Jesus as a one-time decision is like saying after your wedding, 'Now that we are married, it's back to life as usual.' There is more to being a husband or wife than a wedding ceremony. Instead of thinking of our lives as a 100-dollar bill that we give to God and that's the end of it, we give our 100-dollar bill to God and he accepts it but says, 'This is mine, but I want you to cash it in for pennies and give one penny back to me each day.' It's a daily death."

- Kyle Idlemann, Not a Fan, pages 168-169

(Anybody figured out yet that I recommend this book?!)