Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Testimony to Racial Reconcilation and Healing

The video above from the The New York Times discusses the increase in racially mixed marriages in the southern United States. The second couple in the video attend Grace Temple in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the church my daughter and her husband also attend.  I think this is a great testimony to the Lord's work in racial reconciliation and healing.

The accompanying NY Times article can be read here. I love this quote from the article:
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called Sunday morning church service the most segregated hour in America, but one would not know that at Grace Temple Ministries, the neighborhood church where the Norwoods worship and socialize with other mixed-race families. The pastor is white and the assistant pastor is black, and the creative arts pastor is Latino. During a recent sermon, the congregation’s guiding ethos on social issues was clear: “Let us not be guilty of thinking as the culture and society decides,” said the pastor, Dwayne Higgason. 
Praise God for this testimony!  I appreciate and applaud the work of Pastor Dwayne Higgason at Grace Temple.