Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pro-Life Optimism

There are great reasons for pro-life people to be optimistic - and to keep praying and working for change. Trevin Wax has posted an encouraging list - Top 10 Reasons I am Optimistically Pro-Life : Kingdom People:
Those of us who believe unborn children deserve human rights can be encouraged. Though we still have many hurdles to overcome before we arrive at the place where all human life is legally protected in the United States, we can be optimistic about the end result. Here are 10 reasons why...
Read the whole thing at the link. One of the most exciting things he mentions is this scene from the television program "House," based on a real incident when an unborn child reached out to grasp the finger of a doctor during fetal surgery.

After the operation, House calls the child a “baby” instead of a “fetus”. Can you believe this?! There is a lot to be excited about here.