Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NYT Bestseller "Son of Hamas" Now Out in Paperback & Arabic

NYT Bestseller Son of Hamas in Paperback & Arabic
One year after the debut of the controversial bestseller, Son of Hamas (March 2, 2010, SaltRiver), by Mosab Hassan Yousef, with Ron Brackin, Tyndale House released the long-awaited paperback edition, featuring an updated epilogue that includes the amazing account of Homeland Security’s attempt to deport Mosab as a terrorist.

“That was crazy,” Ron Brackin told reporters. “Mosab is the guy who keeps calling Muhammad a terrorist on international television.

“Last week, we were talking about all the turmoil in the Middle East, and he reminded me of his prediction in 2010 on FOX News that Islam would cease to exist within 10 years. Now, only two years later, Islamic regimes are crumbling faster than the Berlin Wall. Mosab said Islam has survived for fourteen decades only because it’s been crouching inside the high protective walls of ignorance and isolation. But the technical and information revolutions are tearing down those walls. One and a half billion Muslims can find the truth on the Internet at sites like www.thequran.com, in chat rooms and on satellite TV.”

Also on March 1, Son of Hamas became available in Arabic for free download worldwide. Al Hayat (Life) TV is distributing the electronic edition via the Internet on its web site (http://www.hayatv.tv/), Facebook page and through its email list. Al Hayat reaches 95 percent of the Arabic-speaking people of the world and is the first to challenge the deceptions of Islam. It is the most popular Arabic-language, Christian-content channel in the world, regularly reaching between 20 and 50 million Arabic-speaking people.
From the web site of my old friend Ron Brackin, co-author of Son of Hamas.