Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tebow Ad Exposed the Left For Who They Really Are

Well, the Tim Tebow commercial during the Super Bowl seemed rather understated, didn't it?

When I saw it, my first thought was that Focus on the Family and the Tebows had done a real number on the gang from NARAL and NOW. I wonder if it was deliberate?

Think about it. They announce in advance that there will be a pro-life commercial during the game, without much detail on the content. The usual suspects on the left go ballistic, calling the commercial "divisive" without even seeing it. Pam Tebow gets personal attacks and is called a liar. Numerous liberal organizations demand that CBS not air the ad.

Result, the ad ends up being such that no one could be offended. NARAL and NOW look like fools, and are revealed to be, not pro-woman or pro-choice, but pro-abortion (and anti-free speech). Of course, pro-life activists already knew that, but now it is totally obvious to everyone. Even after the ad airs, they are complaining that the play tackle in the spot promotes violence against women! Oh, come on! Score a big one for our side.

Jeff Emanuel at Red State Blog agreed with me that Focus on the Family and Pam Tebow Play the Pro-Abortion Left like a Stradivarius

Our side is winning, and the left knows it (and are very afraid).