Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reading: Deep and Wide (Part 1)

Trevin Wax posted this interesting material on Further Thoughts on Reading: Going Deep AND Wide :
"1. You cheat yourself when you read some books too quickly.

On this point, I agree with the critic who thinks that setting a reading goal could cause you to pass over significant books that deserve much time and close attention.

Speed reading a devotional work, for example, might cause you to miss the purpose of the work. Obviously, the Bible deserves our time and attention. We should concentrate on spending significant time in meditation and reflection when reading God’s Word.

Other books deserve time too. John Owen’s The Mortification of Sin is a classic. Banner of Truth’s recent update makes the language easy to understand, and yet I still spent three months working through that book last fall. Three months well spent, I believe."
Being the reader I am, I couldn't resist this one. More from Trevin's post tomorrow.