Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jerry Lets It All Hang Out

If you are a lover of rock music (or pop, or R&B, or Gospel) you will love the new book by my good friend Jerry Masters - Hanging From a Tree By My Knees.

Jerry toured and recorded with Ronny and the Daytonas and The Hombres back in the sixties. He worked as a sound engineer at the famous Muscle Shoals, Alabama, recording studio. He mixed music for Lynard Skynard, Bob Segar, Paul Simon, Jerry Lee Lewis, Boz Scaggs, Wilson Pickett, Rita Cooldidge and many of the greatest acts of rock, as well as Black Gospel. Along the way he was also a professional dirt bike racer.

And then one day, he also found Jesus Christ, who turned his life around.

Jerry's life story is fascinating reading. Like the title of his hit song with the Daytonas, he lets it all hang out in this book. I am pleased and proud to call Jerry my friend, and to highly recommend his book.

I should also mention that Jerry's publisher is Crossover Publications, founded by another friend of mine, Randall Mooney. I am blessed to have such friends.