Monday, August 24, 2009

Worship Service

Ever wonder why it is called a “worship service”?

If asked to describe a typical Sunday morning meeting at my home church, I might describe it as follows: “First we worship for about 30 minutes (referring to the musical part of the meeting). Then we have announcements and the offering, followed by a thirty minute sermon. Finally we end with prayer and ministry time.”

Notice that this description uses the verb “worship” to only refer to the singing and musical part of the meeting’s activities? This has become a common consensus habit among charismatic evangelicals. After all, everyone knows that Worship = Singing? Don’t they?

Here’s a better way to describe the same meeting.

“First, we worship God with singing and music. Then we worship Him in celebration of what He is doing in our midst. We next worship by giving tithes and offerings. After that we worship by hearing His Word with attention and responding with obedience. Finally, we end the meeting with worship by helping and serving others.”

It is all worship, when done with the right attitude. That is why it is called a worship service!