Friday, August 21, 2009

The Evil Cannot Be Hidden

Are the foundations of "the Culture of Death" starting to crumble?

Albert Mohler has written a article about news this week regarding two unlikely testimonies against unthinking acceptance of abortion as simply a "choice" or "right": reporter Sarah Kliff and actress Kourtney Kardashian.
Kliff wrote of discomfort after witnessing an abortion. Kardashian told of her decision to not abort her baby.

Please look at the entire piece - Rethinking Abortion -- Two Unexpected Witnesses.

The final paragraph
"The Culture of Death looms as a massive threat, but its foundations are crumbling. Unexpected witnesses such as Sarah Kliff and Kourtney Kardashian help us to see how moral insight can emerge from unexpected experiences, reflections, and witnesses. Some of the most profound witnesses to the horror of abortion and the sanctity of human life do not even know that they are so. The evil of abortion cannot be hidden once it is seen, and a voice for life cannot be forgotten once it is heard."
Oh Lord, turn our culture away from death to embrace life!