Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Does It Mean to Be Gospel-Centered?

What Does It Mean to Be Gospel-Centered? Timmy Brister at Provocations & Pantings posted some suggestions from his Twitter friends. There are some good and thought provoking suggestions here.

Last Saturday, I asked my Twitter followers the question, “If you were to explain to a new Christian what it means to be gospel-centered, what what would you tell them?” Below are some (not all) of the responses I received:

erikraymond: The truth of what Christ did in history for me (gospel) calibrates everything I do in my life now for his glory (worship) Col.3

jaredcwilson: My standard operating procedure for life comes from knowing I’m a sinner but that Jesus died and rose again out of love for me

JonMcIntosh: Change or transformation of any kind, especially authentic heart-transformation, cannot happen apart from the gospel of grace.

JoshCousineau: You never move beyond the Cross & what Jesus did, the gospel is not the ABC but the A-Z of your new found Christian walk.

pastorjamie: seeing, in all things, what’s beautiful, what’s broken, and how the Gospel (D,B,R) redeems, restores, and renews everything.

timothywashere: In all I do, drawing all goodness and my very life not from self but from the sacrifice and new life that is in Christ alone.

ggrobinson: Cross informed thoughts, attitudes & actions that make us intentionally missional instruments of grace 2 the glory of Christ.

MichaelLeeAdams: 2 live intentionally, purposefully 2 share and show the love, forgivnes, redeption, goodns, & glory of Jesus 2 da world, daily

adamchristensen: I think it should mean that in every situation and setting the gospel is the lens/filter through which we view; i.e…adamchristensen: …we don’t about anything without a gospel-flavor to it.

t_reck: GC means recognizing practically the implications of the Gospel in everything. Theologizing actually lived out.

mheerema: “You have been shown mercy (not getting what you deserve) and grace
(getting what you don’t deserve), go give mercy and grace”

ecpoe: 1 Cor. 2:2 comes to mind–”For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. “

ChristBookNotes: Daily reminding myself of the sinless life, the gruesome death, and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ

So, how would you define "gospel centered" Christianity in one simple sentence?