Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't Get Infected With Last Days Fever

Saw a good article this week by J. Lee Grady at Charisma Magazine warning believers Don't Get Infected With Last Days Fever

If you study the great Christian revivals of the past you find that none were triggered by date-setting, rapture fever or Bible prophecy seminars. We must preach the cross. Of course we tell the world that Christ is returning. But we do not have permission to muddle our message with nonsense about dates and global conspiracies.

John Wesley and George Whitefield preached repentance, the atonement of Christ and the reality of hell. William and Catherine Booth wept for souls and preached the message of salvation throughout England. Evan Roberts begged God to close the gates of hell in Wales for a year so that he could preach the simple gospel of a perfect redeemer. In all these cases genuine revival was the result. How I wish we could adopt this passionate focus on what really matters.

Don't you think we'd all be better off with more emphasis on the Cross and less on the rapture? I do!