Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trash To Treasure

If we as humans can restore old furniture and make it beautiful, should we wonder what God can do to a soul that feels like unworthy trash? From an article in Charisma by Bek Curtis:
....While spending the last hour starting the process of "up-cycling" a gorgeous timber children's chair that I "rescued" from a council clean-up, I have pondered why someone would throw away something so precious? As I've sanded off the dodgy lacquer and stain and applied the first coat of new paint, I was reminded of something: If I look at trash and I see beauty, how much more does God look at His astounding creation and see the royalty He intended?
If I, through sanding back and painting over what others have deemed as trash, and draw out of it beauty and charm, how much more can God draw out of us the beauty that has been cast aside and covered up or even completely discarded as trash? Not only does He draw out, enhance and perfect that beauty, He makes an entirely new creation in the process!
If you are feeling "trashed," cast aside, roughed up, forgotten or left by the curb, there is no better place to run than into the arms of your Heavenly Father! His sanding is gentle. His brush strokes are light. He already sees you as a finished product. He sees beauty. YOU are HIS TREASURE.