Monday, September 9, 2013

Outrageous Mercy

Jonathan Martin (@RenovatusPastor) was rockin' it on Twitter this Sunday:
If the "wrong" people enter the kingdom ahead of us, our worst fear comes true: our hard work to be good didn't make us better than anyone!
When we stop being outraged at God's mercy toward anyone else & are only incredulous at our own salvation-grace has finally pierced us.
But grace is elusive-the moment you "grasp" it, it slips away from us; & the next day we will need to be shocked by it all over again.
The scandal that most kept people from the kingdom in the gospels was the indiscriminate nature of God's mercy. Those were the days, huh?
Jesus' table fellowship was the central scandal of His ministry. If it's not the scandal of our own, we aren't serious about Christlikeness.