Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moral Sinners

"The devil does not particularly care whether we are moral or immoral. What concerns him very much is only whether we are close to God. The devil casts us into immorality because it darkens our mind’s eye [“nous”] and thus takes us far from God. However, he is careful because sin can push us to repentance, and then he would lose us. Even virtue is a useful tool to him, and he has often used it to draw many people away from God. His most secure prisoners, after all, are those who are morally irreproachable but also have a grand idea of themselves. And unfortunately there are many of them.”

“We do not have the right to hide the truth just because we are too weak to put it into practice. We are obliged to confess the truth and at the same time admit that we do not do what our Lord has commanded.”"

~Alexander Kalomiros: Nostalgia for Paradise