Friday, June 21, 2013

Doubting in the Direction of Jesus

Some thoughts on "Doubting Thomas" from Jonathan Martin in Prototype: What Happens When You Discover That You Are More Like Jesus Than You Think:
"...there are many reasons to be cynical, and more than enough reasons to choose not to believe. Believing in a love that overcomes death is not soft and sentimental; it will always be a hard thing. Luckily, we aren't required to have perfect faith. There is more than enough room for hopeful doubters who, like Thomas, are drawn to reach out and grasp, to touch, rather than to just walk away. Perhaps the difference between 'doubting Thomas' and a 'cynical Thomas' is that Thomas doubted in the direction of Jesus, rather than away from Him. That makes all the difference." (page 137) 
"...We take our fears and our doubts and our dreams, and we toss them in the general direction of Jesus to do with as He sees fit. That's close enough." (page 139)