Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exotic Creatures in New York City

From the New York Times, comes a fascinating anthropological study of a truly strange branch of humanity: religious people practicing sexual chastity in New York City. 

What a strange bunch! The article reads like a story on Animal Planet about exotic animals, including a unique football playing animal named Tim Tebow.
Trinity Laurel moved to Manhattan at 21 to pursue a modeling career. Raised in a Christian home, Laurel was a virgin when she reached the city, and says she has “remained pure” while living here since.

Not all of her friends can relate.

“They’re like, ‘How do you do that?’ ” Laurel, now 28, said. “People are almost fascinated.”

Welcome to New York, Tim Tebow. Now that the Jets have broken training camp and Tebow, a famous chaste Christian, becomes a full-time New Yorker, it has become a common, and mildly amusing, pastime to fret about the temptations he might face or the potential loneliness he might suffer.
Read it to see what the world thinks about you, if you are practicing Biblical morality.

Hat Tip: Get Religion