Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pray for Chuck Colson

Please join me in prayer for the health of Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship, radio commentator on Break Point, and author of Born Again, Loving God and so many other good books. Mr. Colson had emergency brain surgery this week. World Magazine reported the following:
Four days after emergency surgery to remove a pool of clotted blood from the surface of his brain, Prison Fellowship founder, author, and radio commentator Chuck Colson was in critical condition at a Washington, D.C., area hospital.

Colson was speaking at a Wilberforce Weekend Conference sponsored by the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview in northern Virginia on Friday when his speech became garbled and he had to sit down, according to witnesses at the event. He was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital, where he underwent evaluation and then surgery early Saturday.

Prison Fellowship CEO Jim Liske said the surgery for the 80-year-old Colson was successful. “Chuck is resting comfortably, and his family is with him. He is heavily sedated (which is appropriate in the aftermath of this kind of procedure) and is responding well,” Liske said in a prepared statement on Monday. Tuesday night, the organization updated that statement, noting that Colson was in critical condition and had suffered an intracerebral hemorrhage, which is when blood vessels in the brain begin bleeding.

Liske, who visited Colson in the hospital on Tuesday, said, “I was encouraged to see that as we prayed, Chuck was responsive.”
Lord, please bless our brother, and return him to his ministry and the comfort of his family.