Monday, April 2, 2012

Free E-Book: Rid of My Disgrace

You may not know April is National Sex Abuse Awareness Month. Crossway Books is giving away (today and tomorrow only) the E-Book version of their excellent book Rid of My Disgrace by Justin and Lindsay Holcomb.  It is also free on Amazon.
"The statistics are jarring. One in four women and one in six men have been sexually assaulted. But as sobering as these statistics are, they can’t begin to speak to the darkness and grief experienced by the victims. The church needs compassionate and wise resources to care for those living in the wake of this evil. Other books attempt to address the journey from shame to healing for victims of sexual abuse, but few are from a Christian perspective and written for both child and adult victims. In Rid of My Disgrace, a couple experienced in counseling and care for victims of sexual assault present the gospel in its power to heal the broken and restore the disgraced.
Justin and Lindsey Holcomb present a clear definition of sexual assault and outline a biblical approach for moving from destruction to redemption. Rid of My Disgrace applies a theology of redemption to the grief, shame, and sense of defilement victims experience. This book is primarily written for them, but can also equip pastors, ministry staff, and others to respond compassionately to those who have been assaulted."
If you have been a victim, or know someone who was, GET THIS BOOK! I cannot recommend it more highly. You need to act fast - the offer will expire tomorrow.