Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Come As Sinners

We come before God as sinners. You and I can't clean ourselves up in order to be more loved, or more accepted, or more worthy before the heavenly throne. The only love and worthiness we get is that love and worthiness freely given us because of Christ's sacrifice and the great exchange of the cross:  But isn't that enough?!

Love these words from Eric Ortlund at Scatterings:
When you were having devotions this morning, or not; when you were rubbing your eyes and waiting for the coffee to kick in and going to work, you were under the love and compassion of an infinite Friend and Savior. When you prayed this morning, you did not have to compose your soul in order to win a hearing. If yesterday's failings were weighing on you, you did not have to become suitably humble and mournful in order for him to listen to you. You can say, "In my heart of (hardened) hearts, I still love that sin - deliver me from my impenitence," and his mercy quickly attends you. And if you're doing well, and quite happy to come to God, he loves you no less than if you were coming stricken and ashamed and hardly knowing what to say.
We come, simply as sinners. We do not need to prepare ourselves first and then come to God. That's self-focused - dressing ourselves up appropriately to make ourselves more acceptable to God. It's a little form of self-salvation. You are in Christ, and all your sins are absorbed into his person, and all his divine righteousness is counted as yours simply by faith, by looking beyond yourself.
We don't need anything else!