Friday, August 5, 2011

Free eBook: The Cloud of Unknowing

eChristian.Com is offering a free download in electronic book format of the classic devotional work The Cloud of Unknowing :
Some things never change, including the human need to connect with our creator. Prayer and meditation on the divine are techniques that have been used for millennia to grow in the knowledge of God. Cloud of Unknowing documents techniques used by the medieval monastic community to build and maintain that contemplative knowledge of God.
Scholars date the anonymous authorship of Cloud of Unknowing to 1375, during the height of European monasticism. Written as a primer for the young monastic, the work is instructional, but does not have an austere didactic tone. Rather, the work embraces the reader with a maternal call to grow closer to God through meditation and prayer.
This eBook is in the Public Domain, has been pulled from CCEL, and is distributed for free on in accordance with their license requirements.
Did I mention that it is FREE. All you users of Kindle, Nook or other electronic readers should jump at this opportunity.