Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stupid Is As Stupid Does...

When the Bible Calls You Stupid

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
 but he who hates reproof is stupid. - Proverbs 12:1
"...I am not aware of many places in the Bible where God calls someone stupid. God obviously does not think very highly of those who hate reproof. And neither should we. The question we should be asking ourselves is to what degree does our life welcome and receive reproof? Are we prone to getting defensive, prideful, or offer justifications? Or do we receive them, like David, as a kindness and “oil for my head”? Are we creating a culture in our gospel communities and church gatherings where Scripture is truly profitable in both constructive and corrective ways? Or, are we be negligence, failing to appreciate the sufficiency of God’s Word and creating a people whom God calls stupid?"