Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Does Right Belief Serve Right Actions?

What do you think of this quote:
"In the eyes of the prophets, being Israel was far more important than what we now think of as doctrine or theology.  Right belief is always in the service of right attitudes and actions. Belief is never trumpeted as superior.  In Scripture we never find the notion that action would be great - if we get around to it - but right relief is the most important thing!  I don't recall Israel being upbraided for failing to articulate a theory about the burning bush, how aged Sarah and Elizabeth bore children, or how the water piled up for them but fell on the Egyptians.  On the other hand, God's people are often reminded of their calling to be his agents of rescue on behalf of the last, the least and the lost."
              - Todd Hunter, Christianity Beyond Belief, pages 101-102