Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Quotes on Jesus Shaped Spirituality

I'm looking forward to reading the late Michael Spencer's first (and only) book, Mere Churchianity.  Trevin Wax at Kingdom People just posted a review of the book, discussing (among many other things) the difficulty he felt in doing a critical review on the work of someone who has recently died and whose life work had been so helpful to him.

However, the part of his review that struck me the most was this list of "pithy quotes" from the book
  • The life of faith is a battle fought in weakness and brokenness. The only soldiers are wounded ones.
  • God is the Sun too bright for us to see. Jesus is the Prism who makes the colors beautiful and comprehensible.
  • What speaks more loudly of grace: your theological definition of the word “grace” or the tip you leave at dinner?
  • Some Christians claim biblical authority, while only telling you what they have decided in advance what the Bible has to say.
  • Ask yourself this question: If I were to spend three years with Jesus, what kind of person would I be?
  • Jesus-shaped spirituality is cross-centered and Christ-centered. The good news of the kingdom is that the King died to save us.
  • Jesus isn’t looking for admirers. He’s enlisting followers.
  • Evangelicals have invented a spirituality that has Jesus on the cover but not in the book.

Thoughts like this are why so many people loved Michael Spencer.  A life like this is what it means to follow Jesus.