Thursday, June 10, 2010

More on Brokenness

Continuing the thought from the earlier post about brokeness, I also like these words from David Paul Dorr
"I have always thought of brokenness with a good amount of dread.

My assumption is that I work, but God has to break me in order for me to really be the person that He wants me to be. Can you spot the false assumption? I think I work.

When something is broken it doesn’t work. The experience of “being broken” is not where God comes in and stops us from working. It’s the experience of realizing that we just don’t work. We are already broken, but we are pretending that we are functional.

And this is a freeing thought. Whatever God might bring into our lives that creates the feeling of brokenness is something that we are using to pretend that we are not broken. It might be our reputation, or our good looks, or intelligence, or a hundred different things. We don’t need to be broken, we just need to better understand that we just don’t work apart from God.

But this realization cannot be gained intellectually, it must be experienced. Because one of our greatest enemies is our capacity to pretend — acting that we can have life apart from Jesus. And God is a loving Father. If we are truly His, He will not let us wear the mask for long. Because He wants to give us Himself, which is the only thing that can fix broken things."