Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top Ten Ways to Know You Are Working For A Bad Para-Church Ministry

From Tim Chailles web site, here's a top ten list of ways you know you’re working for a bad para-church ministry.

10. You incentivize financial giving by offering to send your donors inanimate objects that have been prayed over.

9. You’ve convened a committee to decide the name of your new Gulfstream jet.

8. Your ministry even has a Gulfstream jet.

7. Two words: scheduled revivals.

6. Your broadcast goes out only in tongues.

5. Every member of the board of directors has the same last name.

4. The guy you raised from the dead this morning is starting to smell pretty bad.

3. Your job postings include, “teeth-whitening a must.”

2. Your annual budget includes a line item for hairspray.

1. You read this list out loud and they fired you.

Snicker. That's funny!

From: Challies Dot Com