Saturday, January 23, 2010

On the Theology of the Cross

I've been meditating on the Cross.

The following quote is from Timothy Dalrymple, quoited at Parchment & Pen, regarding Martin Luther's Theology of the Cross. He says that Luther's theology conveyed:
".. a “theology of the cross,” a theologia crucis, a way of relating to God first and primarily “through suffering and the cross.” Lamentably, this is often forgotten: while the Reformers proclaimed sola scriptura and sola gratia, they also proclaimed the imitatio passionis Christi, that all Christians are called to share in the sufferings of Christ and to know Christ and know God through the suffering of the cross—his cross, and ours..... We would rather find God in the hallowed halls of academe or in the lofty palaces of princely mega-churches—yet God revealed himself, as Luther argues, most exhaustively and definitively in a man who was rejected and beaten and put to death in humiliation and suffering. God chose to reveal Himself to us on the cross, so that only those will (truly) find him who take up their crosses and follow him daily."
(Hat Tip: Parchment and Pen » On Being a Theologian of the Cross)

Now that's something to think about on a Saturday morning!