Monday, April 20, 2009

The Devotional Performance Trap

Do you ever think God loves you more on the days when you have read the Bible and prayed in the morning? Ever refrained from praying for someone, taking an opportunity to witness, or saying an encouraging word because you are conscious of some sin or fault and feel unworthy? I can say, must say, yes to both of these questions.

Tim Chailles says we need to get off the guilt trip of The Quiet Time Performance.

If our capacity to be used by the Lord depends on our devotional consistency, what is the need for grace? Even if we have read the Bible and prayed and lived sin free for the past 24 hours, are we worthy to serve God? If our usefulness depends on grace when we are good, then why refrain from drawing on that grace when we are conscious of not being good?

Thank God for grace that is greater than all my sin!