Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Trip Around the Sun

One year ago today I started this blogging journey. It just happened by an accident of timing to be on April Fools Day, and I hope there was no cosmic significance to that date! Now, to borrow Jimmy Buffet's phrase, it has been another trip around the sun. This year has been a fun experience, sometimes irritating when I could not think of anything to say, but in general a fulfilling journey. I am especially glad for the new friends I have made along the way. And that's no April fool!

Here's a link to my first post where I stated what I hoped to accomplish as "The Journeyman." I'm not tired of it yet, and hope to get a few more trips around the sun before my time as a blogger comes to an end.

Thanks to my readers who have walked with me on this journey. I hope you will stay with me for another year - and get something helpful from reading my humble blog. God bless you all.