Thursday, March 26, 2009

Implications of the Now

In our Ministry Class we teach an "inaugurated Eschatology" concept of the Kingdom of God, also know as the "now and not yet" concept. I also like to call this "down-payment" eschatology.

During His ministry on earth Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is at the door, already here, delayed and in the future.

In Christ we receive now a down payment on our future kingdom inheritance. It is real kingdom life, just not all of it now. Kingdom ministry is a demonstration of the breakthrough of the Kingdom into the now, of the age to Come into this age.Understanding and living in the tension between the "Now" and the "Not Yet" of the Kingdom enables us to avoid both a defeatist "pie-in-the-sky" mentality on one hand and a phony triumphalism on the other.

Some implications of the "now" of the Kingdom for doing prayer ministry are:

1. God is already at work before you pray.

2. There is a thin veil between heaven and earth - God’s kingdom power can break through at any time and in any way.

3. We can and should live in expectation of God’s action.

4. God’s action is not dependant on me or you - our prayer, our holiness, or our preparation.

5. We should speak Kingdom words and use Kingdom talk in our prayers. The announcement of the kingdom has power.

6. Kingdom Ministry is Eschatological - Gifts of prophecy, deliverance and healing are signs of the Kingdom’s breakthrough, and characteristics of the Kingdom Age to Come.

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