Saturday, April 9, 2016

Renew Within Me A Spirit of Holiness

A prayer of St, Ambrose of Milan (HT Trevin Wax)

Lord Jesus,
My soul and body are defiled by so many sinful deeds.
My tongue and my heart have run wild without restraint,
causing misery to others and shame to myself.
My soul bleeds with the wounds of wrongdoing,
and my body is a playground of selfish indulgence.
If I was to come before you as a judge,
you could only condemn me to eternal torment,
for that is what I deserve.
Yet I come before you,
not as a judge, but as a savior.
I depend not on your justice,
but on your mercy.
As you look upon the wretched creature that I am,
I ask that your eyes be filled with compassion and forgiveness.
And as I sit at your table,
I beg you to renew within me a spirit of holiness.