Friday, April 22, 2016

Play Before the Work is Done

Here's a great exhortation to Carpe Diem. No one dies wishing they spent one more day a the office. Let's put the important things, the beautiful things, first. You Will Die With Unfinished Work by Justin Buzzard
You will die with unfinished work. The day you die you’ll still have a pile of unfinished work, a yet-to-be-completed to-do list.
I’m learning to stop making the big mistake of waiting until all my work is done to have fun, adventure, or connect with a friend. If you chase “get it all done first” as your permission for doing the things you really want to do, you’re chasing an illusion. There is always more work to do. 
So, you must make a change. Don’t postpone joy, fun, adventure, rest, that relationship. Pursue these beautiful things right now, in the midst of your unfinished work and your unfinished life.