Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Family Resemblance

From Jeff Clarke in The Church Jesus Style: The  Sights and Sounds of a Jesus Shaped Community-
The Church should always center its identity, activity and witness in Jesus who defines the life of the ecclesia (gathering). As a result, the gathered community of Jesus-followers are a people who reflect, imitate and live the life of Jesus wherever they are....
...Following after Jesus is a community-driven event. His teachings, example and entire life become the basis upon which we build our following. We are defined by him. He leads us and we follow him together as a community.
Jesus continues to live through his community by the grace, presence and enablement of the Spirit.
The only physical embodiment of Jesus that others will see will be in and through those who follow him. Without this embodied presence, Jesus will be invisible to them.
How tragic it is when those who claim to follow after Jesus look nothing like the one they claim to follow; when there is little too no family resemblance....
This is a great article - read it all at the link.