Wednesday, June 17, 2015

When Silence Is Good

“If I knew what God was going to do, I would be a better Christian.”
If I knew ahead of time what leading The Journey would be like, there is no way I would have started the church. You could’ve told me about all the people that would come to Christ. You could’ve told me about all the new churches we would start. But if I had known all the pain and heartache, I’m not sure I would have followed God’s call.
I love the church. But, I hate pain.
We like to think that knowing the pain ahead of time would soften the blow. We like to think we would be more prepared. But we can never really prepare for some storms.
Jesus knew the storm coming his way. His Father had prepared him.
Did knowing make it any easier? Absolutely not. Remember the garden of Gethsemane? Jesus was in agony! He was sweating blood! Not because he was unaware. Because he was completely aware!
I’m not Jesus. You’re not Jesus. We’re the disciples who can’t even stay awake to comfort our friend in his pain and suffering.
God’s lack of clarity can be merciful.