Saturday, April 11, 2015

Praying the Parts

Well,. I think this prayer covers it all!
O God, defend me everywhere
With your impregnable power and protection.
Deliver all my mortal limbs,
Guarding each with your protective shield,
So the foul demons shall not hurl their darts
Into my side, as is their wont. 
Deliver my skull, hair- covered head, and eyes,
Mouth, tongue, teeth, and nostrils,
Neck, breast, side, and limbs,
Joints, fat, and two hands.  
Be a helmet of safety to my head,
To my crown covered with hair,
To my forehead, eyes, and triform brain,
To snout, lip, face, and temple.  
To my chin, beard, eyebrows, ears,
Chaps, cheeks, septum, nostrils,
Pupils, irises, eyelids, and the like,
To gums, breath, jaws, gullet.  
Protect my spine and ribs and their joints,
Back, ridge, and sinews with their bones;
Protect my skin and blood with kidneys,
The area of the buttocks, nates with thighs.
Protect my hams, calves, femurs,
Houghs and knees with knee- joints;
Protect my ankles and shins and heels,
Shanks, feet with their soles. 
Protect my toes growing together,
With the tips of the toes and twice five nails;
Protect my breast, collarbone and small
Nipples, stomach, and navel. 
 Protect the whole of me with my five senses,
Together with the ten created orifices,
So that from soles of feet to crown of head I
   shall not sicken in any organ inside or out. 
The Breastplate of Laidcenn