Wednesday, April 15, 2015


"I confess that Jesus is Lord.

I confess that Jesus shares the name and nature, the holiness, the authority, power, majesty and eternality of the one and only true God.

I confess that Jesus died and was raised, opening heaven up to unworthy sinners. I am such a sinner, and I gladly embrace his atonement for me.

I confess that Jesus rightfully owns me, every part of me, every moment of my time, every dollar in my possession, every opportunity granted me, every responsibility thrust upon me, every hope I cherish, every person whom I love and treasure.

I am personal property of the Lord Jesus Christ. He deserves my allegiance, loyalty and trust 24 hours a day, in all places, in all aspects of my life, both public and private. He is worthy of my obedience. He is worthy of my utmost. He is worthy of my very blood.".

- Ray Ortlund, Jr., A Passion for God, 143-44.

HT: Trevin Wax