Thursday, January 29, 2015

Broken and Free

Loved this message from Tullian Tchvidjian, talking about his mom (Gigi Graham Tchvidjian, Billy Graham's daughter). There are lessons here fro all of us broken people. - Your Brokenness Taught Me More Than Your Put Togetherness
Mom, your brokenness and your failures have taught me more about grace than any of your put togetherness ever did.
Sometimes we think that being good is the qualifier for us having an effective ministry… The truth is that no one is good. And our ministries become effective when we acknowledge our badness and when we live out of our brokenness. And that’s what you do.
The biblical definition of Christian growth is not what they told us it was. It’s not: I’m getting stronger and stronger, and more and more competent every day so that I need Jesus less now than I did when God first saved me—that’s not Christian growth—Christian growth is: As I get older and become wiser, I become increasingly aware of how weak and incompetent I am, and how strong and competent Jesus is and continues to be for me.
Mom, you’re honest because you’re free. And you’re free because you don’t pretend that you have it all together. And you don’t pretend that you have it all together because you understand that who you are is not anchored in what you do, or who other people think you are. It’s anchored in what Jesus has done for you.