Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Dark Side of Mother's Day

In churches all over America tomorrow morning, a moment will be taken to honor all the mothers in the congregation. That is certainly a good thing, something to be encouraged. However, pastors and church leaders, let's also remember and publicly acknowledge the darker side of Mother's Day.

1. Some people in your audience tomorrow will be mourning the loss of their mothers, and in some cases the loss may be fresh, raw and extremely painful. We need to acknowledge the pain of those who may be in mourning.

2. There may be some in your congregation who did not have good mothers. Due to alcoholism or drug addiction, or their own history of abuse, some women aren't good mothers, and in turn hurt, neglect and abuse their own children. We need to acknowledge the pain of those present in church tomorrow who hurt from abuse, neglect or abandonment from their mothers. They need to be helped to walk through grief, anger and forgiveness.

3. It is possible that there are women in your audience who are suffering from infertility; desperately wishing to be mothers but unable to conceive. Mothers Day can be painful for them, and for their husbands. Don't forget them tomorrow. A public compassionate word of encouragement and support may mean all the world to them.

Let's all praise and honor our mothers, and the mothers of our children. But let's not forget those who hurt on Mother's Day.

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