Sunday, October 2, 2011

Praying to the Omni-God

O God omnipotent,
you are able to do that which you mercifully intend,
in apparent weakness and in seeming strength.
Help us to know and trust your power,
if not fully comprehend it,
that we might rest secure in the knowledge
that nothing can alter your loving purpose toward us and your creation.

O God omnipresent,
you are always and everywhere closer to us than we are to ourselves.
Help us to discern your merciful presence
even when we feel forsaken and alone,
so that we might know you as does the one who felt forsaken on the cross,
even Jesus Christ our Lord.

O God omniscient,
you know our going out and coming in
and the secrets of our hearts before we know them.
Help us to rest in this knowledge
as a sign of your everlasting grace,
through the one who lived and died for us
before we came into existence,
Jesus Christ our Lord.
 - quoted from Mark Galli, A Great and Terrible Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Attributes of God

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